150 brilliant Canadian women

share their advice; let their wisdom inspire you. 

It's your turn.


About Your Turn

Curated By Melody Adhami, President & COO, Plastic Mobile 

An after-hours project inspired by Canada’s 150th, Melody asked 150 brilliant Canadian women for the one piece of advice they would give to the next generation of leaders. The 150 responses have been compiled into a book titled ‘Your Turn: Powerful Thoughts from Today’s Women to the Next’, with one intention: to share with the millions of tomorrow's leaders, at no cost.



From musicians, olympians and actresses to politicians, CEOs and founders


What makes Canada's 150th anniversary worthy of celebration? Why should we be so proud of this country? There are many reasons, and 150 of them are displayed in Your Turn. All of them are successful, strong women who wanted something bigger and then fought to get it. 




A special thank you to our sponsors in support with celebrating all 150 contributors


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